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Our main activity is scutching flax tow for the carding and cottonizing industry and spinning mills.
Annual capacity of scutched flax tow: approx 1500 tons.

Besides, we are also engaged in secondary activities:
  • Purchase and sale of half long and short fibres.
  • Marketing, loading, unloading, scutching and storage of flax fibres for third parties, as well as letting of entire business premises or parts thereof.
  • Sale of short flax fibres to rabbit breeders for use in nest boxes.
  • Supply of flax shives to the fibreboard industry, for the manufacture of, among other things, fire-resistant doors, panels for roof elements, panels for the furniture industry, ...
  • Supply of flax shives, packed in sacks of +/- 20 kg, to be used as bedding for animals.
  • Manufacture and supply of short flax fibres to the paper industry, intended among other things for the manufacture of cigarette paper, dollar bills, special letter paper, ...
  • We can also offer and/or process other natural fibres such as hemp, kenaf, abaca, jute, ...
  • Collaboration with the composites and nonwovens industries for the automotive or insulation industries.